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Chinese Antique Jade Figurines

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Here are some of the options for Chinese Antique Jade Figurines:

Chinese Jade Beautiful Carved Buddha Figurine Pendant -NICE!,Chinese Antique Table Lamp w/ Beautiful Carved Serpentine Jade Buddha Figurine,Exceptional Asian Carved white Jade Figure Figurine Immortal,4.7"CHINESE OLD CARVED JADE STATUE KNEEL HUMAN FIGURINE,VINTAGE WHITE CELADON JADE FROG FIGURINE ON WOODEN BASE 2.5": LONG,Antique Zhou Dy Nephrite Jade Sitting Figurine.,Chinese Multi-Color Jade Carved Amulets Bring Luck Boy Figurines Pendant,5.7"WITH CARVED OLD CHINESE JADE STATUE STANDING FIGURE FIGURINE,Vintage Antique JADE & CHINA Snuff Bottle Statue Figurine Ginger Jar Collector ,Chinese Culture Old "Hetian" Jade Carving Amulet Dragon Figurines Statues,Chinese Culture Old "DU" Jade Carved Amulet Animal Figurines Pendant Statues,Chinese Old Red-Chalcedony Jade Carving Plump woman Art Figurines Netsuke,Rare Chinese Culture Old Jade Hand-Carved Lions Figurines Statues Free Shipping,Chinese Old Jade Hand-Carved Elephants Decoration Statues Figurines,Chinese Culture Old Jade Carved Bow down to the People Figurines Statues ,Chinese Culture Old Jade Hand-Carved Animal Decoration Statues Figurines ,Chinese Culture Old Jade Hand-Carved Unicorn Decoration Statues Figurines ,Chinese Culture Old Jade Hand-Carved Pigs Animals Decoration Statues Figurines ,10% OFF! Antique Chinese jade food dog on red stand figurine,Antique Chinese Hand Carved Jade Figurine Of A Foo Dog Or Foo Lion Type Creature,

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