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Chinese Antique Jade Figurines

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1850-1899 Antique China Gray Jade Nephrite Female Figurine Holds Bi.,5.3"CHINESE CARVED OLD JADE STATUE STANDING FIGURE FIGURINE,5.1"CHINESE OLD CARVED JADE STATUE STANDING HUMAN FIGURINE,Chinese Old White Jade Amulet Kwan-yin Figurines Pendant Netsuke Piece,Chinese Beautiful Old Jade Hand-Carved Birds Statues Figurines,3x Rare 19TH CEN Nice Antique Chinese Finely Carved JADEITE JADE lady figurines,19C Chinese White Jade Carved Carving Shoulo God Longevity Figurine Figure,Carved Jade Figurine of Woman,9 Chinese Carved Celadon Hetian GREEN WHITE Jade Animal Figurine Pendant Charms,Chinese Carved Nephrite Hetian PALE GREEN WHITE Jade Figurine Father Son 19thC,Amazing Old Chalcedony Jade Carved Figurines Statues Netsuke,2 Imperial Jade Bird Figures Pair 19th Century Jade Figurines Dark Spinach Green,Chinese Antique Table Lamp w/ Beautiful Carved Serpentine Jade Buddha Figurine,Chinese Jade Beautiful Carved Buddha Figurine Pendant -NICE!,Vintage Carved Carved Semi-Precious Jade Jadeite Elephant Good Luck Figurine,Chinese Antique 18/19th Cen Jade Cat Carving Figurine,JADE BUDDAH FIGURINE STANDING WITH ARM UPRIGHT, ANTIQUE ASIAN CHINESE MAN AND CHILD JADE STATUE FIGURINE,5.5"CHINESE CARVED OLD JADE STATUE STANDING HUMAN FIGURINE,VINTAGE CHINESE GREEN JADE CARVED AMULET FIGURINE OR BELT LOOP ,

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